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Experience the awakening of your soul through guided imagery, mindfulnes, meditation and reflection.

Certified and experienced instruction


Teaching has become an art for Barbara. Her synthesis of yoga, imagery and mindful movement provides a unique experience which fosters creative expression and self discovery. Her extensive career in education has been one of growth and awareness of the mind/body connection and how it relates to health.

Hatha Yoga all levels


No matter your age, ability/skill level or body type our classes are designed to address a variety of needs. The development and maintenance of strength, balance, flexibility and focused attention as well as stress management are the pillars of a yoga practice. Variations to basic poses are provided to accommodate where you are in your practice. 

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About Us

Personal and Group Training


Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Stress Management 

Aroma Therapy, Natural  Remedies, 

Nutrition, Weight Management 

Enery Healing and Balancing 

Dream Analysis 

Tree Pose


This pose creates balance, strength and confidence while calming the mind.



We start and end each class with meditation.

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You can contact the Park Districts for schedules at 847-356-008 Grandwood Park Dist Gurnee  

847-526-3610 Wauconda Park District 

Awakenings Yoga

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My Blog

March is Meditation Month. This is the time of year we become restless and ready to break out of our winter restrictions. Nature is awakening from it’s winter meditation and we are linked to this process of rebirth and new beginnings. Time to meditate on the meaning of this time of transformation. 

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Practical Living Yoga

No frills just authentic traditional hatha yoga. Tools to use in your everyday life. Stress managemen, energy balancing and rejuvenation, strength building, mind/body awareness and flexibility training. All levels welcome, everyone is a beginner a some point. There is always something new to learn. 

Credentials and Recognition

BS Wisconsin State University 

MS Illinois University 

500 Level Yoga Alliance

Rieki Certification 

Physical Management Certification

Initiate and Teacher Training Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy 

Teacher of the Year

Arts Educator of the Year

Teacher/Trainer Illinois Very Special Arts

Published Masters Thesis

Featured Yoga Teacher in Yoga Chicago Magazine