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Welcome to Awakenings Yoga

Awakenings is a holistic approach to wellness that develops balance of mind, body and spirit; uniting three equally important aspects essential in creating a healthy lifestyle.

An internal search for external expression

What you will experience?
  • A Personalized Approach to Learning
  • Certified, Experienced Instruction
  • Increased Mind/Body Awareness
  • Continued Support and Guidance
  • Enhanced Movement/Skill Performance
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Enhanced Creativity

Over 30 years of educational experience
Put the "Art" in the "Living Arts"

Student Reviews

Barbara and I go back many years, and my respect for her as a yoga teacher and energy healer increases as the years pass. Barbara is solid in her knowledge of the human anatomy, its functionality, and capacity to heal. Her teaching style is enthusiastic and inspiring, and her gentleness allows everyone to relax with their own unique physical abilities. Barbara challenges each individual to live their greatest lives, and mentors each in the art of living yoga both on and off the mat.I highly recommend Barbara Spietz for any work that includes healing the body through yoga, the mind through meditation practice, and the spirit through self-awakening.
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